Eat Out Round About For Local Economies

How it works for your local economy

For local authorities, BIDs and Local Enterprise Partnerships, the economy that matters most to you is the economy on your doorstep. The same economy that thrives on the support of your organisation, your staff and your customers.  Charged with meeting strategic priorities, in these challenging economic times where some businesses are doing well whilst others are facing new challenges such as attracting and retaining customers as their lifeblood. Local employers are facing challenges with new employment dynamics. Conditions have made it particularly difficult for your local hospitality sector.

Eat Out Round About’s mission is to connect the dots in a local economy so you can meet your strategic goals and everyone can play their part in contributing to making a sustainable local economic impact. All of this whilst helping our hospitlaity sector for years to come.

Here you can use digital innovation to partner with businesses to help achieve your local economic goals around community engagement, enterprise, tourism, the high street, economic regeneration and culture. Vouchers can be customised to promote your place branding.  Reporting features make it easy to see the local economic impact that has been made.

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Place Brand Promotion

Are you charged with the task of raising the profile of a place with businesses, residents, employees and charities?  Would you like to bring collaboration across sectors focused on boosting your local economy? With Eat Out Round About you can.  Premium vouchers make it possible to bring your place brand identity into vouchers on the Eat Out Round About app, attract people to eat out in places that help your local economy and inject revenue to help local businesses to thrive.

Want to share the cost? No problem. We’ll share the cost with local businesses in the area, so they can select your place brand or branded event vouchers, make savings on their voucher purchase and meet their business goals.

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Town Centres

Do you want to bring a new lease of life to your town centre?  Do you want to attract visitors and residents from other locations in your town centre? With Eat Out Round About you can.  Simply purchase the number of premium vouchers you require and create your town centre branded campaign.  Visitors and residents can then scan and claim their eat out vouchers for the city centre as they visit locations around the area, or perhaps by visiting town centre shops?  You decide how you run your campaign. You can restrict the redemption of vouchers by town-centre locations and restrict the number of vouchers each user can claim.

Want to split the cost with your local business community?  No problem.  We can work with you to provide discount incentives for local businesses to buy into your town centre campaign when they purchase vouchers for staff and customers. Book a call with us and we can work through the best solution for your needs.


Eat Out Round About not open in your location? No problem. We open in locations where local authorities, LEPs and BIDs are committed to working with us. We currently operate in Wakefield and if you would like to explore opening Eat Out Round About in your local economy then please book an exploratory call and demo.

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