How it works

What is Eat Out Round About?

The scheme is based on the very successful Eat Out To Help Out scheme during August 2020 that created over 51 million claims across the UK. Working across all sectors, “Eat Out Round About” is a sustainable version of this scheme, which boosts economy and wellbeing, stimulates new business and brings a feel-good factor.

“Eat Out Round About” encourages customers to visit hospitality venues at off-peak times. The app shows the customer the local impact they are making by doing things such as helping to safeguard jobs and support local businesses that source suppliers locally.

Customers receive vouchers offering 50% off their food bill (including soft drinks and coffees) with a maximum of £10 saving on a £20 meal, as per the previous Eat Out To Help Out scheme.

It’s simple

Step 1 - Buy Vouchers & Allocate Them

Businesses and organisations can purchase vouchers to be used for employees and customers:

  • employee gifts and incentives
  • rewarding employee performance
  • customer loyalty rewards
  • marketing incentives to try before they buy

Simply purchase the number of vouchers you require. You can choose the type of vouchers you want to issue to meet your goals and then allocate them with a simple link or QR code.


Buy vouchers here

Want to make an extra difference?

If your goal is to make a social difference to your local community, then you can purchase a number of vouchers and simply donate them to a range of local charities that partner with us.  We’ll give you a shout out for making an extra contribution!

Step 2 - Download the App

If you have been sent a voucher, all you need to do is download the app, scan the QR code or enter your code and claim your voucher! It’s easy.

The App can be downloaded on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

Step 3 - Eat Out

Get yourself down to one of our participating venues to use your voucher!

Decide where to eat out based on where you will make the biggest local economic impact.

Venues that source locally build up their bronze, silver and gold ratings.  Or you can filter by food types, distance, pre-theatre dining and ratings too!

Participating venues

Step 4 - See the local impact you made

Every bite helps! And whilst we love being able to help everyone eat out again the real victory is on the impact on the local economy. Be sure to see how much you have contributed to the local economy and how the money you spent multiplied as it recirculated. Earn badges for the actions you take that make a local difference. For you, it’s eating out, but for your local economy, it’s everything.