How long does the scheme last?

Eat Out Round About is a government-backed innovation project funded by Innovate UK.  The longevity of the project in the first instance depends on how successful we can make the project. We have already built partnerships with a range of venues across the Wakefield District and so we are off to a good start. Making the decision to get involved would help support the success of the project.

Eat Out Round About builds upon the work we did for the 2 years prior to the first lockdown in helping to increase employee wellbeing and the local leisure and hospitality economy.  Our goal is to build a long-lasting and sustainable model where vouchers can be used in innovative ways to stimulate local economies and help rebuild a thriving hospitality sector once again.  We can achieve this by working in partnership with hospitality venues that see the benefit of working together to improve business not just for them, but for the whole hospitality community.

We appreciate the idea encourages local communities to think differently about how life will look beyond the pandemic. Ultimately a thriving hospitality economy means a stronger sense of community and additional revenue and footfall for your business. Working together we believe we can create a more positive economy for hospitality where communities understand and appreciate the benefits of supporting local hospitality.  Wakefield was our natural choice to pilot the project as this is the city where the idea was developing prior to the pandemic.  Working with venues who say ‘yes’ to our idea helps create value for the businesses and organisations investing in the vouchers and helps secure the development of the idea for the future.

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