How do potential customers get to know about the scheme?

We distribute the vouchers in a way that brings a range of benefits to businesses and organisations in helping them to achieve their goals.  We work with a range of partners from local authorities, chambers of commerce to charities and business networks. Helping them to strengthen their relationships with their customers, causes and staff as we go.

Businesses and organisations might offer their staff vouchers to reinforce their culture. Employers can save money and offer the vouchers as a staff retention incentives, wellbeing incentives, gifts or for outstanding performance.

Some businesses might value marketing promotions and offer the vouchers as an incentive and use it as a way to build up marketing leads.  They can also offer vouchers for customer retention, which is why you might like to encourage your suppliers to discover the programme! They can offer to Eat Out Round About Vouchers when you buy supplies from them.

Vouchers are easy to distribute. The business or organisation displays a QR Code, the recipient of the voucher scans the code and claims their voucher.

We also work with local authorities, local development agencies and BIDs to help stimulate the number of vouchers in circulation.

We are all working together across communities to stimulate the local economy by eating out at venues like yours. Our partners all want to to see hospitality thriving once again.

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