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Employers of all sizes thrive with happy and motivated teams, yet are facing new challenges emerging from the pandemic. Months of uncertainty and lockdowns have led many teams to be tired and in need of something positive.

Eat Out Round About brings a sustainable way to benefit everybody. With a choice of flexible packages to suit your needs, it is easy to bring Eat Out Round About into the hands of your teams and their families, building positive relationships and help local hospitality.

Eat Out Round About’s mission is to connect the dots in a local economy, so everyone can play their part in making a sustainable change and see the difference they are making. All of this while helping our cafes, pubs, and restaurants for years to come.

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Never Forget a Birthday

Your teams are the lifeblood of your business and have been through a lot. Eat Out Round About vouchers provide a gesture to show you care about the value they add to your business and at the same time want to support the local community and economy.

Never forget a birthday with an automated campaign for your team that sends Eat Out Round About vouchers for their birthday.  We will customise your voucher and automate distribution to your team.

How Birthday Vouchers Work and Benefit Employees

Socially Responsible Christmas Gift

Give your team a Christmas gift with a difference that positively impacts the local economy.  Christmas vouchers can be purchased to encourage dining out in January and February when the local hospitality economy needs it the most.

How Christmas Vouchers Work and Benefit The Local Economy

Convenience Vouchers

Impress visitors to your workplace with a voucher customised to your local area. Visitors can discover local cafes, bars, and restaurants, save 50% up to £10 on quieter days, and make a positive impact on the local economy.  Each venue lists the days that vouchers can be redeemed.

Custom Vouchers

How would you like your vouchers to look? Whether you want to offer Eat Out Round About Vouchers for great performance, for occasional employee gifts or just as a token thank you, with our Main Course Package you have access to a panel to make the vouchers exactly as you want them.  Or our team can work with you to create them!

More about custom vouchers

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View the employer brochure learn more about Eat Out Round About for employers.

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“We are delighted to take part in Eat Out Round About as a positive idea for both our employees and the local economy” Sam Pawson, Partner and Head of Employee Relations, Chadwick Lawrence.

“We value our team and we love that we can help the economy too!” Kate Shepherd, HR Manager, Kolorcraft.