Eat Out Round About for Customers

How it works for you

In August 2020 the hospitality sector claimed more than 100 million meals under the Eat Out To Help Out Scheme, and the final day, 31st August 2020, saw a 216% increase in bookings versus the same day in pre-pandemic 2019 according to OpenTable statistics.

What’s clear is that the savings not only benefit you, the consumer but also help to support your local hospitality trade, particularly independents, through these difficult times and beyond. 

While it’s unsustainable to rely on “£10 from Boris” forever, we believe there’s a sustainable way to benefit everybody, encouraging local businesses to invest in their staff and community, to in turn support our pubs and restaurants. 

Have a QR Code?

Someone might have given you a code, or handed out one of these nifty QR codes. You might even have one on your noticeboard at work if your boss is particularly awesome. All you need to do is download the app, register and scan or input your code. Then you’ve got up to £10 off your next meal at a participating venue. #WIN.

Download the app

Starting in Wakefield

The app is available to download on the stores and currently, participation is in Wakefield. We’re ready to eat out when hospitality re-opens!