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Local businesses and organisations of all sizes thrive in a healthy economy. Businesses are facing new challenges such as finding new ways to attract and engage customers and rewarding staff in a way that makes a difference.

We believe there is a sustainable way to benefit everybody, encouraging businesses and organisations to invest in their customers, staff and community.

Find new ways to stay in the minds of customers, build a positive culture of wellbeing amongst staff and contribute to a thriving local economy.

Eat Out Round About’s mission is to connect the dots in a local economy between businesses, organisations, charities, consumers and the hospitality sector, so everyone can play their part in making a sustainable change as they reach their goals, support local economies and see the difference they are making. All of this while helping our pubs and restaurants for years to come.

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Attract and Retain Customers

Whether you want to create more value from your marketing spend or stay in the mind of customers and keep them happy, Eat Out Round About can help you achieve your goals.  Vouchers can be purchased for £6 each (inc. of VAT) and assigned to a campaign.  Vouchers can then be claimed from the campaign to receive 50% off their bill (including food and soft drinks), up to a £10 saving. Helping to connect, put your brand in front of customers, build your leads and be unforgettable.

Each voucher creates a personal experience with a seasonal theme, personalised message, logo and makes a contribution of £5 to the local hospitality economy.

Marketing data and local economic impact reporting help you to see the real value of investing in marketing spend that impacts your local economy.

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Employee Rewards

Your staff are integral to the success of your business. They have been through a lot recently and Eat Out Round About vouchers provide a great opportunity to show you care and at the same time make a positive impact on the local economy.

Simply purchase the number of vouchers and create a staff gift campaign.  You can make additional savings when you select a staff gift campaign to comply with HMRC trivial benefit rules. Or build a campaign to say ‘well done’ for good performance.

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Make a local impact

Eat Out Round About has been researched and developed with local economic agencies to understand the value of £1 to a local economy. Eat Out Round About vouchers make a contribution to the local economy. The money then recirculates and grows when a voucher is redeemed. Venues then further circulate that money when they purchase with local suppliers.

Our unique reporting feature demonstrates to you how every £1 you invest recirculates, grows and made an impact at three levels within your local economy.

Supply to The Hospitality Sector?

Our hospitality buying group is here to support the growth of the sector, help products and services become visible to venues and measure impact and growth within local economies.


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Corporate Social Responsiblity

Is making a difference with corporate social responsibility important to your business or organisation?

Purchase Eat Out Round About vouchers with an option to purchase and donate vouchers to participating charities, so they can distribute the vouchers to members of your local community.

Alternatively, if your campaign has unclaimed vouchers, you can re-allocate them to a new campaign or donate them.

With Eat Out Round About it’s easy to make a difference.

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