How Birthday Vouchers Work and Benefit Employees

The biggest motivator for employees in the UK is the ability to make a difference.  Employees can enjoy a motivating perk on their next birthday. Celebrate in style, eat out, save 50% on food and soft drinks up to £10 per voucher and make a difference to the local hospitality economy.

How Birthday Vouchers Work

Birthday vouchers become available to buy after a package has been purchased.  Select the number of birthday vouchers you would like for the number of employees and make your purchase.  A coupon code is provided with each package to discount the first vouchers purchased.

When a Birthday Voucher purchase is completed, we’ll send an email to send to your employees to register for the programme. On their birthday, we’ll send a text message with a happy birthday message from you and make the voucher available inside their app for them to claim.  Employees are walked step by step through the process as text message includes a link to instructions on how to claim their birthday voucher.